Sunday, June 6, 2010

Maaf !!

Sorry giler2 sbb lama x update.. agk sibuk yg melampau haha x sempat nk berblog..
itu je =)


Entah !! benda merepek je..

Benda ni aku buat masa dalam kelas lepas buat ujian Sains. HEHE buang masa btul aku ni kan ;P

This Is Life,

Sometimes it could be Happiness,
Sometimes it could be Miserable,
Sometimes it could be Better,
Sometimes it could be Disaster,

As Long As I Live,
I Will Through All Of It,
For The Rest Of My Life.

sbnrnye ada permulaan dan ade akhirnye tp malas nk tulis, biar aku je yg tau HEHE ;D

Bye.. ~

Sunday, March 28, 2010


dah lama x update.. sibuk ler !! huhu

anyway, this year is gonna be very hard..
i have to study more. and no more play2 in my study..
grrrrr what the damn !!

so i'll try to do my best in the exam soon..
and i hope my friends gonna to the best too...

so let's together prepared ourselves this year.. !! CHAIYOK2 !!! haha xD